Your BID - Your Views.

Help shape the next 5 year business plan for Hereford, ahead of the Business Improvement 2 ballot in September 2019.

Take part in our survey:   Download BID 2 NEWSLETTER ISSUE 2 here

About Your BID

Hereford BID started in April 2015 with nearly 500 businesses paying a levy to deliver the projects they voted for in the first ballot. The end of the first BID term comes in March 2020 and we  have to to arrange another ballot of all the businesses who would be liable to pay the levy to decide whether it should go on for a second term  of five years.

We plan to run the ballot in September/October 2019 and want you to tell us what you think of the projects we have delivered so far and what you would like to see the BID deliver in a second term.

We invited you to complete our online survey, and the results so far are very encouraging.  If you haven’t yet sent us your feedback, please complete the survey at: